Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Catch Up

Monday's WOD:
bent over barbell row (12 reps)
Bulgarian lunges (8 each leg)
Arnold shoulder presses (12 reps)
walking lunges (16 reps)
upright row (12 reps)

5 rounds

Dawna's working on getting over a little something still.

Cool socks, Shawn!
Chuck took this picture of our drive home this morning.
Wall sit passing 2 weight plates back and forth
Everyone seems to be enjoying this a bit too much.
Janal with her overhead snatch
There's Kimberly-our newest recruit.  Welcome, Kimberly!
The always chipper Shawn
180 degree BOSU squat jump
This is Tues. a.m. Boot Camp.  Holly, Rachel and Cindy with atomic sit ups.
Go, Rachel, Go!
Cindy is perfecting her double unders.
Nancy with a db clean and Heather giving that heavy bag a shove.

Oh boy, these really worked the buns.

Peter with a nice deadlift.

Today Chuck's gals ran through "Louis"
substituting muscle-ups for 4 push ups/4 pull ups.  Welcome to Angela Hall- another recruit of Heather Russell's.  Thank you, Heather!!
Looking good, Debbie!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

FGBQuatro @ CrossFit Hillsboro September 26, 2009

This is the second round of photos. The first will be posted shortly

Today was a great day at CrossFit Hillsboro, as well as at many other CrossFit affiliates throughout the world. Today was a day about coming together as a community for the unconditional support of putting others before ourselves. The Wounded Warrior Project is an idea created by a few which has grown into a cause supported by thousands; to help our brave men and women in our armed forces who are suffering from trauma to adjust to civilian life, both mentally and physically.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this cause and kicking ass at the same time. In the short time that we put this together, we collected $500, not including our matching funds. Way to pull through everyone!

So, props to everyone, especially our top finishers for the men and women: Janal with 214 points and Mike with 266 points. Chuck is thinking next year to have a Krispy Kream matching fund next year. Instead of matching the funds, he'll just eat one original for every point scored by everyone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Tabata, AMLAP's too.

Still taking classes through the Tabata Monster that Mike chose to kill us with on Monday.
It's Thursday night right now, and my quads are still toasty from almost 4 days ago. Even though I am kind of a wuss, the participants in class rocked the Tabata. They even made pretty little sweat angels on the floor afterwards.

Tonight we made up an AMRAP sessions:
10 reps
Ball Cleans
Box Jumps
Pull ups
Push ups
30 minutes

Really fun, and everyone scaled it to fail on the margins of their abilities, which is what we expect at CrossFit Hillsboro. No, it's not a cake walk, and if it were easy, it would be your mom.

Now it's off to the home for diapers, dishes and laundry, AMLAP (As Many Loads As Possible). Which I think is a bunch of AMCRAP.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tabata (Cookie) Monster

Mike just kicked our asses today with this Tabata Monster.  I was hoping that today could have just been the Tabata Cookie Monster, but alas, no luck. 

 I can't speak for everyone, but using my quads right now feels like trying to play a game of Texas Hold Em with a bunch of preschoolers;  After a while, nobody is paying any attention, no matter how loud you yell at them.


6 stations

8 rounds per station

20 sec of work

10 seconds of rest


Push press - 75 lbs

KB Swings - 1.5 pood

Push ups

SDHP - 75 lbs

Wall ball - 20 lbs

Air squats


Chuck made the huge mistake of wearing workout pants to class today because all of his shorts were in the washing machine.  Mid way through the workout, he had to strip down to his under armour boxer briefs because he was too hot and began to pray to God that they weren't the pair with the hole in the crotch.   

 The wonderful Shelly lead the cool down and functional stretch with the lights down, spa music on the overhead and Dawna had an epiphany of what will be our 2009 Christmas card picture.  Stay tuned. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sock it to me

Did someone say "socks"?!  Well, someone must've, because next thing we knew we were on a mission to find the coolest socks in Portland.  
A field trip out to Bridgeport Village produced many pairs of some pretty kick-ass knee highs.  Inspired my Melissa Byers of CrossFit 603 we decided that we MUST have some.  Thanks to Julie, Shawn and Maggie for heading up the search and returning with the booty.  I think we are all in agreement that the socks gave us magical superhuman strength today.  Just take a look at these pictures!  Itty bitty gals who weigh just over 100 lbs. soaking wet are deadlifting 175 lbs.!!!  

Great Friday workout consisting of:  5RM deadlift followed by 5RM DB bench press, 5 rounds.  Heavy.  Day.  Very.  Hungry.  Today.