Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Growing...Again!

     For the second time this year, we deemed it necessary to acquire an additional 1000 square feet of space, bringing our size to 4500 SQUARE FEET!  We were able to coerce one of our neighbors to move to a different suite.  This past weekend, Chuck worked his fingers to the bone with the help of Nick and Sara Sader of Western Ventures Construction, to have the studio ready for business as usual Monday morning.  Walls were demoed, drywall and insulation covered the floors, dust settled into every crack and crevice, but you'd never know it stepping foot inside.  They did an amazing job (Chuck even painted the floors!)

     It's almost surreal to walk through the doors and think, "This is all ours."  And every last square inch of it will be used.
     When Chuck brought me to the business park in the summer of '08 to show me the space he picked out for Pacific Personal Training, I walked in and thought, "Oh my goodness, this is huge!  How are we ever going to use all this space?"  That was 2500 sq. ft.  The evolution of PPT/CH is truly our dream coming true before our eyes;  one which would be impossible without the support of our amazing guests.   The words 'thank you' aren't enough to express the gratitude we feel for you all.  We're not even close to our final vision, though.  There is so much that we have in store: massage, group exercise studio with yoga, kickboxing, cycling, juice bar, sauna, hot tub, oh...SHOWERS/locker rooms fully stocked with amenities.  Where's the line between small, intimate studio and big, impersonal gym? (Because we don't want to cross it.)

We've extended our lease through 12/31/11, and we're ready to rock 'n roll!

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Doctor Err said...

thrilled for you! not to mention...jealous. i love it dearly...but my box is no where near this one.