Monday, August 31, 2009

Tempo Runs and Lunges

Oh what a perfect evening here at the box. 11 peeps (not tweets) in class, and not one of them dropped.
We had a fun time, it was great.
Everyone was excited, of course Sarah was a little late.

Lunges, burpees, sit ups to spare,
and when we were done we went running in the nice cool air.

Tempo runs are really hard, I only sat and watched.
While all 11 ran and cussed, and some were really really pissed off.

Once again at CrossFit Hillsboro, another night in the bag.
Now to post pics on Facebook, I'm off to tag!

50' lunges
21 burpees, 21 sit ups, ladder to 18, 15, 12......3

Post bird snap.

Oh what a beautiful sight. Decline push ups.
Ah, this sight warms my heart.

10 minute tempo run. On command, drop, 10 burpees, 5 push ups, 10 sit ups.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fran's Boyfriend

Great workout early this morning. Chuck had to sub today for Mike since he's kicking butt in Hood to Coast this weekend. Chuck took the am gang through Fran's Boyfriend, which is Man-makers and pull-ups, 21, 15, 9. I think CrossFit Vancouver (BC) made this workout, so thank you very much up there.

At PPT, we are in the business of creating happiness, not creating bodies. Hopefully we are one more step closer to our goal.

Go Max!
Oh it feels good to be done with that workout!

Almost done Zane-o!

This is Kim. A visitor from the infamous CrossFit HEL. Great job today Kim.
Your arms are almost too skinny, ladies!

It doesn't count if you don't have the dumbbells in your hands, Drew.

Good looking form Dawna. Just pick the head up a little bit, draw the shoulder back a little more and try to get those elbows up a hair. Torso and legs look good though.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tabata Fight Gone Bad WTH?

I really love it when Lindsay comes to teach class for us every Monday night. She is such a good instructor and comes up with some very original programming. Tonight she developed a Fight Gone Bad workout with a Tabata component. For those not familar with Tabata, it's 20 sec of work with 10 sec of rest for 8 rounds. Now, FGB is five stations of:

1) Wall Ball
2) Sumo Dead High Pull
3) Push Press
4) Box Jumps
5) Row

From the outside, FGB looks like a killer workout that develops broad, general, all inclusive fitness. However, what this WOD (workout of the day) lacks is utilizing the other two planes of motion: Frontal plane, aka, lateral &; transverse plane, aka, rotation. To address this, we modified the workout to:

1) Plant, reach, pivot explode wall ball
2) Kettlebell reaching lawnmower
3) Bilateral, dumbbell rotational press
4) Frontal plane hurdle hops
5) Row (not too much room for variation here)

We think it's very important to train the planes of motion and not overdevelop just one of the three. The muscles of the body are not linear, or straight, but they're all angled, or pennate. This means that the body was built to move in all directions, so lets train that way.

This morning's boot camp class with Shelly took the gals through "Cindy": 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats (as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes).  We finished up with some agility training with the hurdles, cones, and rings.  Great effort by all the girls;  Angela felt like a "big girl" doing jumping push ups for the first time today!  Once she loosened up she was able to take her squats pretty low.  So proud of you!  Heather and Cindy are always rock stars.  100% to the finish.  Lisa redeemed her free birthday session and debuted her beautiful new chocolate locks (and Coach purse).  Lisa and Kristin pushed so hard to complete that last round.  All in all, we had some great finishes.  Cindy is a lot like Chelsea which is the same exercises on the minute for 30 minutes.  Holy mackerel, that was a doozy.  

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guaranteed (Practically) Weight Loss

We advise all our clients to keep a food journal. Whether one is interested in fat loss or improving strength and endurance, a food log helps us to see the big picture. According to ABC News (June 2008), "In a recent study by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, participants who kept food journals lost almost double the weight of their nonjournaling counterparts. After five months, participants lost an average of almost 13 pounds -- a significant amount, according to physicians. However, those who used a food diary more than five days a week lost almost twice as much weight as those who didn't. And perhaps more impressively, they kept the weight off."
Logging food/drink intake helps to create a conscious awareness and ownership of everything you consume. In terms of weight loss, a journal can provide vital information to accelerate your results or take your performance to the next level. Are you training for your first 10K and need to drop a few pounds and increase your speed? Are you a stay-at-home mom who is exhausted and is just trying to get back into the swing of things? Do you have your sights set on a figure competition and need to squeeze every ounce of excess fat from your physique? When we think of food as fuel we can begin look at it from a different perspective. Do you notice that you suffer from the daily 3pm afternoon slump? Monitoring your intake of simple vs. complex carbohydrates can make a world of difference in maintaining a steady energy level throughout the day rather than suffering through peaks and valleys on the the proverbial blood sugar roller coaster. Are you at your most alert from 9-11am? Try to plan your workout in that time frame. Do you feel bloated and gassy after dinner? Reviewing the trends in your journal can give you a picture of when you feel and perform your best. You'll begin to notice patterns with how your food intake correlates to your energy and performance levels.
You can get as basic or as fancy as you'd like with your journal. I've seen everything from a simple spiral notebook to a snazzy scrapbook complete with pictures of milestones, recipes, and dream outfits. There are also many online sources to manage your food log. My sister, for example, is close to her 100 lb. weight loss milestone with the help of She meticulously logged her food and exercise, as well as joined their support groups of people with similar goals, lifestyles, hobbies, etc.
When all is said and done, what's most important to ensuring your success is your content.
You'll want to record everything that passes your lips. Whether you chew it or slurp it, every calorie counts so be as precise as possible.
Accurately report portion sizes. A digital kitchen scale is not necessary; however, it is important to "eyeball" serving size. (Compare a portion to a familiar item: 3-4 oz. chicken= computer mouse, 1 oz. hard cheese= 9 volt battery, 1/2 cup rice= golf ball)
You can get creative by making 6-9 little boxes that you will check off each time you eat a serving of fruit or veggies. Do the same for lean protein, healthy fats and water.
Log the time and content of your workout. This will provide you with an immense amount of feedback. Did you work out on an empty stomach or too soon after a meal? Did you find that your were most pumped up in your Zumba class after a bowl of oats with flax and blueberries or grilled chicken salad. Those are both great meals, but you'll most likely find that each serves a different place depending on your workout.
What time of day and where did you consume your meal/snack? (This tells us how long you're going between meals, and whether you're eating at your desk, in your car, in front of the tv, or at the table). Studies show that those who are most successful at weight loss are in the habit of eating with minimal outside distractions such as tv or computer, and instead focus on taking the time to chew and swallow each bite.
What was your mood before and after eating? (Very important to pinpoint your unconscious triggers before eating and to gauge whether you've stuffed yourself or properly fueled your body with your meal)
How much (and what type of) liquid did you consume during your meals and throughout the day? (Are you filling up on water, therefore too full to eat? Are you not drinking enough and confusing hunger for thirst?)
The most important thing to remember when logging in your food journal to make it the most effective is to be completely honest. Record everything and do so as soon as possible to avoid forgetting or embellishing the truth. In terms of weight loss, taking in just a couple hundred extra calories per day can bring your success to a screeching halt. It's easy to overlook bites, licks, and tastes (known as "BLTs" to professionals). But that's a huge mistake - there are 25 calories, on average, in each mouthful. Translation: Six little bites a day add up to around 15 extra pounds a year*. If, every time you go into the kitchen you grab a couple Hershey's Kisses or crackers, you may be inadvertently sabatoging all your hard work.
Rule #2: Share your journal with someone. When you know you have to report to a friend or your trainer, you will be less likely to have an extra bite here and a little snack there. You may think twice before going back for seconds or ordering dessert. A third party may see things that you don't, such as too much sodium or not enough fresh produce.
Rule #3: Plan to maintain your food journal for a long time. Incorporate it into your day just as you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Researchers in the Kaiser Permanente study found that the number of pounds people lost was directly related to the number of days they wrote in their logs. It has been proven to be effective, so hang in there! You may not like what you see on paper initially, but that's the point. Only once you see the big picture can you make the necessary changes to facilitate results.
Now comes the fun part. What to do with this beautiful journal you've meticulously created? How often should you review it? How can it help you? Review your journal daily and again at the end of each week and month. Daily, add up your calories and divide food into food groups to see if you're covering all your nutritional bases. Often times we find with our clients that they either A) are not eating enough, which can sabotage weight loss endeavors as much as overeating, or B) are just afraid to write down what they really are eating. Review Rule #1: Be Honest. You're only lying to yourself.
When you look back on the past week and month you can take into consideration things such as your menstrual cycle and how that plays into portion sizes and cravings, strength training schedule (when you felt strongest and weakest) and how your nutrition can help determine your abilities in the gym, and holidays/celebrations and how to prepare to stay in control during these times.
Common mistakes that people make when keeping a food journal are giving it up before seeing results, not recording proper portion sizes, and not logging every bite taken.
Armed with some basic nutritional knowledge, you can analyze the heck out of your journal and use it as a powerful tool to facilitate results, be it improvements in your performance, weight loss, and/or energy levels.

Nutrition 101:
Keep your metabolism revved by consuming meals/snacks every 3-4 hours. Balance carbohydrates with lean protein and healthy fat at each meal. Carbs are NOT the enemy. Bad carbs are. Simple carbs such as white bread, rice, pasta, cereals, sugars, flours, etc. set you up for a high and a crash.
Healthy fats will supply energy AND help you to absorb more nutrients from your salad/veggies. Think: flax, avocado, olive oil, nuts and nut butters.
High fiber foods such as whole grains, beans and legumes, and fruits and veggies will help fill you up and give you a sustained energy source to get you through the morning and help avoid the late afternoon slump.

Best of luck and happy logging!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Functional Sports Training

Never would I have thought that we would have a class at 6:30 AM on a Saturday, but they asketh, and, we.... giveth (?).
Conducted a lateral & rotational movement emphasis class this morning, with met cons in the last 10 minutes. I think they liked it, and their butts should be a little sore tomorrow. Thanks to Peter Twist & Todd Durkin for providing the method of the day (MOD).

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another WOD

CrossFit will incorporate one of, or a combination of these three modalities: 1) Gymnastic; 2) Weighted; 3) Monostructural. Tonight, Chantal largely used gymnastic moves for the workouts, as you can see below.

As you can see, the "weighted", or external load in the workout is the overhead squat and the medicine ball squat slam. Though the TRX is an external piece of equipment, it's the internal body weight and vector which determine the load.

Great day here at the studio. Blessed to do what we do.

The Fit Hit The Fran Today!

The improvements made by each participant today easily validates the efficacy of the methodology we use here at CrossFit Hillsboro. Each person has made extraordinary gains in not just their performance, but also their psychological readiness & toughness. That which seemed so far out of reach not long ago is now within their grasp, and this makes us very proud.
While certainly not the only methodology available for people to utilize in their fitness program, we believe this kind of functional exercise executed at high intensity is the methodology of the future of the fitness world. We can only hope and pray that the rest of the fitness industry accepts us with open arms and an open mind.

When properly designed and executed in a safe manner, these high intensity workouts produce sustained, progressively linear results, over time and develop each bioenergetic pathway while also enhancing the biomechanical, physiological & neurological system from fingernail to the toenail.

Thank you everyone for giving it your all and showing us what's inside of you.

Name Time Previous Time
Shawn 11:00 14:10
Julie C 8:45
Maggie 9:29 11:58
Dawna 5:30 7:43
Andrew 4:36 7:38
Bob 7:24
Max 9:34 12:28
Atlanta 8:10
Nick 6:23
Julie F. 9:34
Zane 7:42 21:51 (Rx @95lbs)

This was so heavy for Shawn, but she knocked out 65lbs.
55lbs for Stealth.
Awesome pic of Ralyene @ 45 lbs.
Max @ 75 lbs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Upcoming CrossFit Foundations Workshop

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Join us Saturday, August 29th
from 12-4pm
for our next CrossFit Foundations workshop.

There's fit, and then there's CrossFit.
Your workout is our warm up.
No, it doesn't get any easier. Yes, it's gonna' suck.
No mirrors. No machines. No egos.
Where the fit hits the Fran.
We don't use machines. We make them.

I could go on all day, but I think you catch my drift.

Prepare to experience working out in a way you never have before.

If you've been thinking about jumping in and becoming a part of the global fitness phenomenon that is CrossFit, you don't want to miss this workshop.

The Foundations Workshop is a 4-hour hands on course which teaches aspiring CrossFitters how to properly execute the 9 fundamental exercises of CrossFit. Participants are not expected to master these 9 exercises in just 4 hours, however, with our experienced coaching staff you will become comfortable executing these movements in a group setting.

Completion of this course and ability to show proficiency in performance of these foundational movements is mandatory in order to advance to CrossFit group sessions.

What: CrossFit Foundations Workshop
When: Saturday 8/29/09
Time: 12-4pm
Cost: $199*
Where: Pacific Personal Training
Healthy snacks will be provided

If you aren't able to attend this workshop, consider option "B":
Four 1-hour personal training sessions with certified CrossFit instructor.
These sessions must be completed prior to enrolling in CrossFit group sessions. ($284*)

*The CrossFit Foundations registration fee includes your first two weeks
of unlimited CrossFit classes.

If you are a CrossFit Foundations graduate, we encourage you to
attend this course as a refresher at NO CHARGE.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Awesome Speaker, Motivator & WOD

As most of you know, Shelly & I went to a kick ass conference in Cali last week to learn the latest WODs & see the latest gadgets. All I can say is....WOW. There was some great stuff, and then some - how should I say - some really -um, well, you get the idea. What the hell am I going to do with 5,000 mg of vitamin B? I think I saw one lady mixing a cocktail while doing the grapevine. What was that all about? Core, maybe?

Anyway, I took class through some things I learned from Todd Durkin & J.C..

Leg Cranks, Push Cranks

Circuit 1
Bosu lateral 1,2,3
Frontal Plane band shuffles
Transverse lunge w/med ball throw

Circuit 2
Bosu transverse 180's
Sag. flying lunge med ball explosion
Tubing overhead squat.

They seemed to like it.

Okay, So this wasn't part of the WOD, but it was the last breakfast that I had in LA with my wife and cousin Nicole. This is my favorite Mexican breakfast, Chorizo y huevos con arroz, frijoles y tortillas de maiz, AKA, the clogger. I don't think Paul Check would approve, but I figured, "What the hell. I'm on vacation!"