Sunday, June 6, 2010

Juneuary at PPT & CFH

2010 Starlight Run 5K in downtown Portland
We were '80's folk.  In case you couldn't tell 
(From l to r:  Shelly, Jonas, Julie, Dan, Chuck)

Okay, so just because it's rained for the past 21 our of 22 days, just because some of us are growing webs between our hands and feet and just because there's not a single spot which is safe from mold growing on our driveways, patios and lawns doesn't mean we lack great news to report from Pacific Personal Training.   May and June have been great months at the studio.  Just this past week we got to experience our first "Murph", unintentionally eliminated pesky callusous which got in the way of 'Murph', set new personal records for the Clean, ran as an awesome CrossFit team in the the Starlight Run and welcomed 19 new people to the studio.  You know what they say:  If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring in Juneuary?  Pilgrams!  But seriously folks.....

We also kicked off our "21-Day Rapid Fat Loss" program which has become the most popular program in our history as a company.  Julie Flood of PPT  CFH created a Paleo nutritional reference guide as the preferred nutritional program for our guests and athletes to follow while participating in the plan.  Remember, don't thank us, thank Julie.

Michael, you are improving more and more everyday!

And a special, completely random thank to Brad and Greg for always making us laugh in the morning.  You must drive your wives crazy at home with your humor, but we think you're both hillarious.  It's never quite the same when either one of you are not there and you both seem to make the WODs suck less.  Thanks.    
"The Seven"
required A LOT of set up and equipment.  But whoa, Nelly!  Crazy WOD.
Nancy Honnold
Beautiful squat, Trautwein!
Poor ladybug.  Our first CrossFit casualty.
I love this pic.  Julie with a kb windmill and Nancy in the background on her HSPU
Andrea, Kristin, and Sabrina on pullups
BOSU squat with Donna
Julie looks like she really needed to let out some frustrations at the end of the day

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