Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Growing...Again!

     For the second time this year, we deemed it necessary to acquire an additional 1000 square feet of space, bringing our size to 4500 SQUARE FEET!  We were able to coerce one of our neighbors to move to a different suite.  This past weekend, Chuck worked his fingers to the bone with the help of Nick and Sara Sader of Western Ventures Construction, to have the studio ready for business as usual Monday morning.  Walls were demoed, drywall and insulation covered the floors, dust settled into every crack and crevice, but you'd never know it stepping foot inside.  They did an amazing job (Chuck even painted the floors!)

     It's almost surreal to walk through the doors and think, "This is all ours."  And every last square inch of it will be used.
     When Chuck brought me to the business park in the summer of '08 to show me the space he picked out for Pacific Personal Training, I walked in and thought, "Oh my goodness, this is huge!  How are we ever going to use all this space?"  That was 2500 sq. ft.  The evolution of PPT/CH is truly our dream coming true before our eyes;  one which would be impossible without the support of our amazing guests.   The words 'thank you' aren't enough to express the gratitude we feel for you all.  We're not even close to our final vision, though.  There is so much that we have in store: massage, group exercise studio with yoga, kickboxing, cycling, juice bar, sauna, hot tub, oh...SHOWERS/locker rooms fully stocked with amenities.  Where's the line between small, intimate studio and big, impersonal gym? (Because we don't want to cross it.)

We've extended our lease through 12/31/11, and we're ready to rock 'n roll!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why am I so damned hungry? Resting Metabolic Rate

As we're all approaching the end of our strength microcycle in our CrossFit classes, many of you by now have got the be thinking "why the hell am I so damed hungry? And how am I supposed to lose weight if I'm eating all of the time?"  Valid points.  let's hope I know what I'm talking about......

All of you have heard of the crazy buzz word "Metabolism" (MB).   What is the metabolism though and what does it mean when people have a "high or low" metabolism?  MB is the combination of two reactions  in your body: 1) The break down of food to store as fuel and; 2) The use of that same stored energy to use as fuel.  Without getting into the details of what affects the MB, like thyroid, hypothalamus, food intake, etc, I'll try to keep this as straight forward as possible.

Strength training places huge metabolic demands on the entire body like the muscles, bones, connective tissues, cardiovascular system, etc.  When the body is under the stress of external loads when weight training, it's screaming at you (louder than I do)  saying, "What the hell are you doing to me!"  Well, those screaming mus-kles are going to need quite a bit of energy to repair themselves.  If you were to look at those same mus-kles during a WOD, it would look literally like a war-zone with oozing, tearing, seeping & building going on.  Those cells need a load of energy & oxygen to repair themselves, but where do they get that energy from?   Like the plant in Little Shoppe of Horror man eating plant says, "FEED ME!"

For the body to build and repair the damaged tissues, it's first going to require lots of oxygen to keep the fire burning (a fire needs oxygen to burn, right?).  When your body is in the state of rebuilding itself after a WOD, you are usually at rest, or in active recovery (not working out).  During this time your are in what's called your "oxidative" or "aerobic" state where the majority of calories supplied for fuel come from stored, adipose (fat) tissue.  This fat has loads of calories and and is a great source of energy for the body to access as fuel, given it's location in and around the damaged muscle/cells.   While at rest after a WOD, the body is simply churning through body fat for fuel and this energy source can only be burned when enough oxygen is present.  Resting, recovering, sleeping is when you will burn the greatest amount of body fat as a result of your WODs.  You will however burn a BIT of body fat (not too much) during our WODs, but it just takes too long to break down fat for quick energy during "Kalsu",  "7's" or 300.    

When your body is constantly breaking down fat for fuel, repairing damaged cells and performing countless other metabolic reactions, the requirement for calories becomes even higher (double wammy).  Your heart beats a little faster to supply oxygen to your muscles, your body temperature rises slightly and your body fat starts singing taps.   You'll have to eat more to provide amino acids, carbohydrates most importantly, water to sustain body functions during repair.  This is the reason for the incredible success each of you have had as a result of a well designed, periodized, strength & conditioning program.  

So, forget what those silly charts say on the treadmills at Globe-O-Gym that tell you to keep your heart rate at 100 BPM if you want to lose body fat.  Instead, pull the tether cord, get off the machine and pick up a barbell for some deadlifts, cleans and snatches.  

So, don't be afraid to eat something even though you're trying to lose body fat.  If you want to lose more, eat more, and CrossFit too.

Hugs and hamsters,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too excited to sleep


It 2:30 AM and I'm way too excited to sleep.  We just got our first snow fall of the season last night and although it's about 1/2 and inch, that means I finally have an excuse to put my truck into 4 wheel drive.  ARRR ARRR UUUUU ARRRR!

I have to admit, I'm also pretty pumped about how all of you did today in that double WOD class.  What a showing of heart and perseverance! I love it!  Check out this video of one of tonight's evening class.

Honestly, why am I too excited to sleep?  First of all it's namely because I'm feeling so grateful this week about all of the blessing in our lives, especially over this past year.  Personally, professionally and spiritually, we've been blessed abundantly and for that, I am eternally grateful.
Last years Turkeu Bowl 

I don't have any new topic that I want to address with each of you.  I'm not going to turn this into a sappy introduction to get your attention to buy something nor am I going to tell you about "hydration hydration, yada, yada yada...."   I'm just going to tell you that I'm (we) are forever thankful for each of you whom are reading this and can only hope our efforts of everything we do have at least somewhat impacted your life a least a little bit.  Everyone from Shirley to Kara, Steve to Shack and Lauren to Melinda (yes, you too) - we wouldn't be here doing what we are today without you.

Look at this guy!   

I know it's hard to show up day after day to these workouts which can humble the strongest of women (Allison) and men (Melinda - just kidding, Bro!) and the fact that you still do it, for yourselves, for your families, for your future, speaks volumes about your 3D: Desire, Discipline & Dedication.  How much different are you this year as a result of your 3D in the studio?  What were you doing this time last year? Globe-O-Gym?  Bis & Back?  Calfs & Abs?  Could you even imagine doing that now?  Allison just told me she went to Globe-O-Gym the other day and pulled her quad! See, CrossFitters?  Stay away from Globe-O-Gym!  (Actually, it's better than doing nothing at all, and I'm always going to encourage physical activity.  I would just prefer that it's within the walls of PPT & CFH)

Okay, I hope you all know by now how much of an emotional sap I am (if you didn't already).  I'm going to now Hulu Oprah's very last favorite things episode.  Don't forget to buy a bottle of Udo's from us either.

Chuck G.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Am Not A Runner (or The Tiny Change That Changed Everything)

Sure, I know how to run.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, pick up the pace, and pretty soon, your body has no choice but to break into a faster clip so you don't fall over.  However, running efficiently, now that's an entirely different story.  Whether or not you like to run, chances are, at some point (and if you are a CrossFitter, many points) in your life you will have to run.  Maybe after your toddler who bolted out into the street, maybe to catch a bus, or to snag the killer deal on the 47"flat screen on Black Friday at 4am.  Hopefully, it's just not from somebody.

It's true how they say that running helps to clarify your thoughts.  Some people claim to get their best ideas during a run, or solve a problem they've had on their mind.  Well, I'm here to tell 'ya, that's exactly what happened to me today.

Chuck's truck kicked the bucket on his way home from the studio last night, so today we're operating on one car while his is in the shop.  I volunteer on Wed. mornings in Gabe's class (about 2 miles away).  I really enjoy it and didn't want to miss it, so I layered up, charged the iPod and hit the road...the wet, slushy, leaf covered road.

It was on my way home that I had an epiphany.  It was raining.  My iPod was going to die any minute.  I  had to pick up the pace.  Know what I did?  Groundbreaking here, people, so listen closely...
I pushed forward.  That's right, pushed.  Forward.  With each step.  Rather than moving just up/down, I pushed forward.  Literally.  I wasn't necessarily expending much more energy, but realized I was, in fact, moving faster!

And here's the best part.  I got to thinking about how this was a metaphor for life:
Sometimes we feel like we're working very hard and doing a lot of 'work' to reach our goals, but take a step back and think about whether you are doing the correct type of work to get there.  Sometimes, it takes just a tiny shift or change to make significant progress.  I felt like I was working hard at my run this morning; I was (eventually) going to get home.  I was sweating and breathing heavily.  BUT, I made one very tiny change and it made a huge difference!  I was working smarter, not harder.  I reached my goal (making it home before I was drenched and iPod gave out) faster and more efficiently.

We see a lot of this type of 'spinning of the wheels' or the 'gerbil in the cage' scenarios in our line of business.  You probably know people yourself who have been busting their butts for weeks, months, even YEARS and have seen no significant progress in their health/physique.
I can't help but feel frustrated when I see this.  Because I (along with our entire world-class team) am in the business of changing lives.  I want to help those people, but can't do it until they realize they aren't going to get their on their own, and reach out for help.
When you learn to work smarter, not harder, you can ditch the 60 minute 'cardio' routines, and the 45 minute strength training sessions focusing on 1-2 muscle groups/day.  No longer will you need to count calories or points or blocks.
What we provide at Pacific Personal Training/CrossFit Hillsboro is hands down, the most efficient way to achieve optimal health and your very BEST body, in the shortest amount of time by working under the care of professionals who make it safe, fun, encouraging, supportive and RESULTS-DRIVEN.

2010 is quickly coming to an end.  Many people will begin refocusing on their workout/diet regimen come January.  If that's you, or you know someone who has been talking about getting healthy, let us help you!
Why wait until January 1st?  Get a head start.  It's very important to stay focused through the holidays, so as not to become a statistic (you know, how the average American gains up to 10 lbs. during the holidays, yadda yadda yadda).

Beginning Monday, November 29th, we kick off our '21-Day Rapid Fat Loss' contest.  The program runs through Dec. 20th with the grand prize winner being awarded $250 cash or a $300 personal training package! 

Now go out there and  'Push Forward'!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Burpee Accountability Rule

Monday night classes hardly have anyone in them, wouldn't you agree?  Okay, so that's not entirely true.
While there may be only 14 signed up online and we try to limit classes to 15, 20 may actually show up.  While we CAN make it work, we really have to begin to enforce our capacity rule with a burpee strategy.  
Monday nights are usually our busiest class.  What have been trying to do, and what will become a policy is to have multiple instructors in our larger classes.   We will have a minimum of two instructors on Monday nights, and any other one that reaches capacity.  So where do the burpees come in?  That's the best part!

The burpee rule is a great way to enforce accountability for everyone.  Here are the rules:

Show up to class without signing up = 30 burpees
Show up 2 minutes late to class = 30 burpees
Show up 10 minutes late to class = 30 burpees
Dropping dumbbells, kettlebells or empty bar = 10 burpees (we will add this to your final WOD time)
Dropping 'F'Bomb = 30 burpees (Totally kidding.  I think Chuck should do 30 burpees every time someone drops an 'F'Bomb)  
"Can't" = 10 burpees
Cheating reps = 50 burpees + total embarrassment + time added to WOD

We're sure the list will grow and evolve over time, so this is just a start.  Some of you have approached us and told us about your concerns with class sizes, and we really appreciate this kind of feedback.  One has to think to themselves "this isn't what I signed up for when I first came to CFH".  This is true, and we are doing our best to accurately manage our growth.  With these larger classes, the individual attention become slightly more diluted, as expected.  While we cannot have a trainer for every client, we will offer multiple trainers.  Group training, or CrossFit, is by it's nature a class activity with one or two leaders.  Also, not every class is filled to capacity, especially those later in the week.  While we do encourage everyone to maximize their membership with us, we encourage you who do want a little more attention from a coach to attend these classes, such as Thursday & Friday.  The morning and afternoon classes also have space available as well, and everyone is welcomed to those.  

Finally, at PPT and CFH, we charge what we are worth.   We know that we are not the most inexpensive CrossFit Affiliate outside of Lake Oswego.  Our pricing is based on our broad, general and all-inclusive background as not only CrossFit instructors, but as nationally certified personal trainers, certified strength & conditioning specialists, certified group exercise instructors, certified USA weightlifting coaches and certified yoga practitioners.  With these accolades also comes the experience of working with all types of populations as trainers, group ex instructors and as professional head strength & conditioning coaches.  We also regularly attend fitness shows, conferences and continuing fitness education classes.  We don't under or devalue ourselves by cutting our prices just to attract more guests.  As professional trainers, we charge what we are worth, the same way as any other professional would, including physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors and attorneys.  

We are always glad to hear from you, whether it's good news or bad.  Bad news = 30 burpees.  

Your staff of professionals at
Pacific Personal Training/CrossFit Hillsboro   

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inhibitions Be Gone!

"Uninhibited":  referred to by some as the 'Coochie Coo' dance class, 'Naughty Girl' dance class, 'the most fun you can have with your clothes on'.  Whatever you want to call it, we had a blast!  Many, many thanks to Andrea Trautwein for offering the use of her gorgeous studio.  It was fun to meet so many new ladies and to see you all let loose with the girls.  We dressed up in our sexy costumes and had a great time learning a new dance.  Thank you as well to Hip Chicks Do Wine for providing the reds and whites to help lighten the inhibitions a bit.

I'm looking forward to teaching another class (possibly in December), so keep an eye out for more information!

Detox after a party like that?

Oh this was so bad.  

What good is getting your butt kicked 5-6 times a week if you don't take the time to show it off every once and a while?  Man, I wish I had pictures from that night!

I think there were quite a few CrossFitters last weekend whom were anxiously gnawing at the bit to put some sexy lingerie and underwear and crash Dennis' party.  Wow!  I'm glad to see that there are so many positive benefits people are having as a result of our programming.  I mean, not to make mountains out of mole hills or anything, but I can now tell how well rounded all of you are!  Sure, the inorganic components of fitness (balance, accuracy, agility and coordination) may not have been optimal that night, but hey, we can't be perfect all of the time.  This is also why I sometimes have the class train for the field sobriety test:  I just want you to be prepared for the unexpected.   Just kidding!

So, when Sunday morning comes around, what's the best way to detox?  From recent experience, I can tell you that sleeping in, a bloody mary, two Aleves, a cup of cofffee does NOT help at all.  Some experts will recommend that the first thing to do is get as much water into your body as possible. Alcohol is a diuretic, it makes you want to urinate, it inhibits the production of the ante diuretic hormone. Your body becomes less capable of absorbing water. The fluids are passed straight to your kidneys and flushed out of your body.

Another thing is to keep away from animal fats. It used to be the done thing, when you are suffering from a hangover eat a big fried meal, plenty of fat. Don't do it! Fruit and vegetables are going to be your saviors, and low-fat poultry and fish. Lean meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables, some fruit, little starches and zero sugars.  Sound familiar?

And the obvious advice is not to drink, or take any other stimulants, including caffeine.

The whole point of Alcohol Detox after binge drinking is to try and take all the crap out of your body that you have put into it by binge drinking. When you are drunk you will all sorts of ludicrous, nasty food down your throat, junk that you would never even look at if you were sober ("B-Line to the cake table!") So you have to detox from that crap as well.

The holidays are coming!
I found an interesting article by Dianne Carswell in the Washington Post about detoxing after the holidays.  I have yet to try this myself, but I think it's good and wholesome information.

 "FLUSH. Salty foods cause fluid retention and puffiness; those made with refined sugar cause spikes in blood sugar and, thus, cravings; and alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration. For your body's regenerative system to work, toxins must be flushed out -- and eight glasses of water a day won't do it alone. To truly purify your system while restoring essential vitamins and minerals, try a four-day regimen of fruit juices in the morning and vegetable juices in the afternoon along with your normal diet.

Start making up for your seasonal sins with good-for-you home remedies. (Photos Nate Lankford For The Washington Post)

The first two days, before you consume anything else, drink 1 cup hot water blended with the juice of one lemon, 1/16 teaspoon cayenne pepper and 2 tablespoons maple syrup. Lemons are rich in bioflavonoids (pigments that act as excellent detoxifying catalysts); cayenne pepper is an anti-inflammatory; and maple syrup adds sweetness. The juice is intense, thus the two-day program -- your body needs time to absorb it, then recover.
Next, along with breakfast, have a blend of orange or half a pink grapefruit, two or three slices of pineapple, two stalks of celery, and a handful of raspberries. Or, mix one pink grapefruit with three apples (rich in the digestive aid pectin), a pinch of cinnamon (high in chromium, which helps balance blood sugar) and a bit of fresh ginger (which helps settle the stomach). If you're prone to problems with stomach acidity, you can dilute these citrus-based juices with water.
In the afternoon, try juices made with carrots, which are packed with healthy antioxidants. Combine four carrots, a sprig of parsley (rich in chlorophyll, which helps stimulate digestive enzymes), 1/2 cucumber (high in water content) and 1/2 beet (which helps detoxify the bladder and kidneys); sweeten with a small apple if you're not a veggie fan. Another option is to combine two carrots with 1/4 small cucumber, one celery stalk and a small amount of Wakame (seaweed rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron).
NOURISH. You can't survive on juice alone, of course, but you should avoid sinful snacks. Select foods high in water content, such as cucumber, celery, lettuce and kale. Grapefruits are good metabolic stimulants; grapes are high in potassium (essential in maintaining normal kidney function); cantaloupes are high in digestive enzymes; and bananas and avocados digest slowly and help maintain blood sugar. Avoid alcohol, excessive caffeine, red meat and dairy products, and keep up your water intake. (Yes, we've all heard of the morning-after hangover hamburger, but it's best to stick to foods low in fat, high in nutrients.)
SOOTHE. The body can efficiently expel toxins through the pores of the skin. To hasten this process, combine in a bath 1 cup of Epsom salts and 1 to 2 tablespoons of an essential oil, such as lemon, jojoba, rosemary or olive. The ingredients' stimulating properties naturally draw toxins out. (Just be sure to test the oil first to make sure you're not allergic by applying a small amount to the underside of your forearm.)
Another option is to exfoliate the skin, which increases respiration and removes toxins. Combine 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 tablespoon cornmeal and several drops almond oil with enough milk to form a paste. Apply by hand to the entire body (excluding the face) with gentle, circular motions. Rinse, then brush the skin using a loofah or sponge.
BEAUTIFY. You wear your hard-partying history on your face, too: an unhealthy pallor, puffiness, dark circles. To restore natural color, form a paste by mixing 1/2 cup plain yogurt (it brightens the skin), 2 teaspoons lemon juice (ditto) and honey (which softens the skin, improving appearance). Apply on clean skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
Puffy eyes respond well to chamomile, which contains the soothing compound azulene. Boil a tea bag in 1 cup water, allow to cool, then soak two cotton pads in the tea for three minutes. Remove the pads and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then position them on your closed eyes and relax with your head on a pillow for 20 minutes (elevating the head helps excess fluids associated with puffiness drain downward). Massage in eye cream afterward to hydrate and further stimulate blood flow.
For extremely dark under-eye circles, substitute black tea; it's high in soothing tannic acid, and its caffeine content dilates blood vessels, helping to draw blood away from the under-eye area. Cool, peeled, thinly sliced cucumbers are another soothing beauty-industry fave; press them in place under the eyes, let them sit for 15 minutes, then remove and rinse your face. Ahhh . . . Diana L. Carswell"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hostile Takeover 2010

Well, we're sore and we can't open our jars of almond butter or bathe ourselves.   What an awesome experience though.   4 people, one Honda Fit, a rockin DJ riding shotgun and three WODs.  What could be better?

NW CrossFit, winner of the 2009 CrossFit Affiliate Cup, was the host of the Hostile Takeover.  In CrossFit fashion, they were as welcoming and respectable as could be.  Their box was par for the course, located in an industrial strip mall with garage doors and a funky layout.  There was never a smell of competition in the box, only friendly faces, handshakes, smiles and encouragement.  After a while though, that smell soon changed to straight B.O..

Dan and Artie and Erin and I were competing with 8 other teams in the couples WOD.  There were beasts and manimals competing as individuals.  There were also men competing too (the girls from CrossFit Vancouver in B.C. were no less than Amazon females whom migrated north.  I was literally afraid of them).  The WODs were released to us when we checked in, plus we got a cool Life as Rx shirt too.

I wasn't too sure how I was going to perform before the event.  Ironically, I was much more comfortable and confident once I saw the WOD list.  "Sheeeet fire LeRoy!"  I thought.  "This is tic-tac-toe, piece of cake, upside down."  Not to take away anything from the trainers at NW CrossFit though.  I was just glad there weren't any overhead squats or muscle ups.

It helped to have Erin as our cheerleader too.  It also helped to have RT wear her tank top and show off her guns and Dan to sport his abs.  I was able to sport my right deltoid and bicep.  Some guys were just ripped and solid and I thought to myself "Damn, I just want to look good naked.  Enough with all of this high-intensity lifting crap."  Okay, so that's not really true.  At this point we were all pumped, jacked and fired up ready to rock and roll.  I was hydrated all week, loaded up on Endurox, Amino Vital and glutamine, and ready like a horse in the gates.


    400 M Plate Carry (run together, each with 10kg plate) 
    100 Power Snatches 50/35kg 
    150 Pullups 
    200 Burbees 
    400 M Plate Carry (Together) 

    * One person working at a time on reps. Time is recorded when both partners have crossed the finish line. 
    "3,2,1, go!"  We took off like a bat out of hell!  Dan and I were in the lead and the first ones back in the studio from the run.  I don't know if we were racing each other or if we were just being encouraging.  Afterwards, Dan told me he finally found his challenge: body weight WODs.  At last!  I know his challenge!  Erin & I finished 2nd, Artie & Dan 4th.  No ripped hands.....yet.  
    WOD #2
      70 Thrusters 50/35kg 
      70 HR Pushps 
      70 Power Cleans 50/35kg 
      70 Toe to Bar 

      * Both team members must be working a the same time, but one must be on the rower until a 3k is complete, at which time they can work on the movements together. They must finish all 70 reps before moving on to the next exercise. 
      This WOD was split into two heats, and Dan and Artie went in the first one.  They were rocking and in the lead for quite a while.  Then came the toe to bar.  Erin and I are screaming from the sidelines and the two of them!  "Come on!  Get up there!"  Dan seemed to be just slipping off the bar every time he jumped onto it.  He was only getting about 1 or 2 each time.  "That's not like him."  I thought.  "Something's wrong."  When they reached their 70th rep and finished the WOD, he started walking towards us with his hands help up.  My heart dropped.  His hands were soaked in blood, splattered with chalk and skin dangling from his palms.  He was slipping off the bar every time because of the amount of blood on his hands.  I was almost sick to my stomach.  Up to that very moment, I felt great about all of the WODS.  After I saw his hands, I almost threw in the towel. I couldn't do that to Erin thought.  I was now nauseous and scarred at that point.  Too late though.  Athletes were called to the battle floor.
      The events weren't too bad, I thought. No cake walk though. Up to that point, I think I completed about 3 toe to bars in my entire life.   Erin & I finished 3rd and Dan and Artie finished 8th.  
      WOD #3
      2 Rounds, 4 Minutes per round 
      100 Double Unders 
      Max rep Deadlifts (women)/ Squat Clean (men) 80kg 
      This was kind of confusing.  The round was 4 minutes. One male partner had to complete 100 double-unders ASAFP and when finished, the other female partner completed deadlifts for the remaining time.  Erin completed 41 deadlifts at 180#'s!  
      Then Erin went straight to her 100 double-unders and when she finished, I went to the squat cleans.  I completed 10.  She and I totaled 51 for that rounds.  Erin and & finished 2nd, Artie and Dan, 4th.  
      What a rush!  Everyone on was so nice and gracious.  No egos, no attitudes.  That is such a nice change of pace for competitors and athletes.  Erin and Artie, thank you so much for telling us about this awesome event and picking us to be your partners.  It was so inspiring to be with the two of you and your 10,000 song playlist.  I love being part of the CrossFit community and I hope everyone can have the opportunity to compete in the future.  What a blast!  
      -Chuck G.   


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have you ever heard of Orthorexia Nervosa?

Everyone knows that you can't talk about CrossFit without also mentioning Paleo.  This is now pretty ironic considering that CrossFit fired Rob Wolf over political BS, and he's still THE go-to guy when explaining the methodology of how and why many CrossFitters eat.  We're ordering our own cows, buying our own chicken eggs, planning our meals, reading the ingredients list like it's the latest edition of People and most importantly, are always on the lookout for the next great Paleo dessert!    

To maintain my sanity, I (Chuck) try to fit in a Hershy's special dark chocolate every now and then, and even a slice or two of pizza once a month when I get the craving, or emotional (luckily, that's not too often).  There are some whom rarely if ever deviate from Paleo and/or other healthy diets as well.  Although it is not listed as a mental or eating disorder in the DSM-IV and not considered to be a part of the DSM-V due in 2013 ORTHOREXIA NERVOSA has become increasingly common since it was coined just over 10 years ago.   Coined by Steven Bratman,   Greek orthos, "correct or right", and orexis for "appetite"is literally "correct appetite."  Bratman describes the term as "an unhealthy obsession of the health conscience individual with healthy eating." 

As Paleoists', we try to avoid foods containing additives, preservative and ingredients with 3 or more syllables.  The orthorexic may avoid these also, however this can sometimes lead to anorexia nervosa.  The anorexic avoids foods with the intention to become thin, while the orthorexic doesn't wish to become anorexic, but simply desires to be healthy.   Where does this obsession come from?  Many sources can contribute to this unhealthy obsession, such as, family (how many of your mothers told you "A minute on the hips, forever on the hips"?), trends ( e.g., Grass fed cows are on the way!  Grains will kill you!  A billion Chinese really could be wrong!), recent illness (Bourbon.  Still trying to forget about that). 

We all want to be our healthiest and feel our best in and out of the studio, and sometimes we choose to avoid certain foods that go straight to our hips or contribute to the spare tire .  That's normal and expected.  In order to be successful, there will need to be sacrifice and determination, but we don't expect you to be Posh Spice.  Do what works for you, and don't get crazy  if you take one bite of Dryer's Ice Cream with xantham gum as one of the last ingredients.   However, if you ARE training for an event like CrossFit Sectionals, Regionals, fitness shows, then of course, eliminate temporarily, but don't depravity indefinitely.  Also, should you need anyone to share your Wilbur Burger at Corn Pass Roadhouse with, I'm just a phone call or Facebook away.      

Also, I have yet to see an anorexic, orthorexic, CrossFitting Paleoist.  "Orthoexercrossfitter Nervosa?"  You heard it here first, folks!     

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raise your hand if you're an emotional eater.

This morning in class, I announced to class, "Raise your hand if you're an emotional eater."  I and about 99% of people raised their hands, which made me feel right at home & not so lonely.  One of the qualities I admire about the community in the studio is how comfortable everyone feels in the presence of each other to share their feelings and opinions. Except for Brad.  His stories make me blush.  But seriously...

I, for one, take comfort in emotional eating when I get angry, which fortunately isn't all that often.  Sometimes I just get so frustrated and angry that I think to myself "Screw it!  I've been good for way too long and the only thing that's going to make me feel better is a pumpkin milkshake and sweet potato fries from Burgerville!  Paleo can SUCK IT for day!"  Do I feel better afterwards? Hell yes I do!  My stomach isn't in such a friendly place for about an hour, but the benefits of that milkshake hitting my taste buds and taking me to a happy place far outweigh the GI consequences I'll face later on.  

Because my personality is similar to that of a 12 year old girl, I'll usually crave any kind of chocolate I can rummage in any part of the house.  If we're out of chocolate, then I'll scour the freezer for Shelly's hidden stash of Chunky Monkey in the very back of the bottom shelf that she thinks I don't know about.  "What's that, babe? No, I don't know who ate the rest of your Chunky Monkey.  Weird." And because she's getting older she says, "Hmm, I could have sworn I saved some.  I guess must have eaten it all."  The memory is always the first thing to go.  I also can never pass the chip aisle in the grocery store and those lime Tostitos: the greatest technical improvement in the history of corn.  

Some of you said that you have "real emotional attachments to food".  I completely understand.  As a former chunky monkey myself, I often ate when I wasn't hungry and was just bored.

According to Robert Gould, MD and creator of Shrink Yourself, an adult development, self-help program,  "Emotional eating means you eat to satisfy emotional hunger; it means you use food for comfort or as a way to cope with life; and it means you eat for reasons other than what your body needs.

When people eat at times like these, they are eating to satisfy, numb, or avoid their emotions. People who are suffering from emotional eating are driven to eat so they won't have to face what's bothering them internally."

Below are Dr. Gould's 12 types of emotional hunger.  

The 12 Types of Emotional Hunger
By: Dr. Roger Gould, M.D.
Below are the 12 types of emotional hunger that fuel emotional eating. In order to lose weight for life, you will have to conquer all 12 types. Look over the list -- which type of emotional hunger derails your diet?
Type 1. Dulling The Pain With The Food.
If you get really hungry when you feel angry, depressed, anxious, bored, or lonely, you suffer from Type 1 emotional hunger, and you use food to dull the pain that these emotions cause.
Type 2. Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones, But Cake Won't Heal What Hurts You.
According to Dr. Gould and Mastering Food, if you react by getting hungry when others talk down to you, take advantage of you, belittle you or take you for granted, then you suffer from Type 2 emotional hunger. You eat to avoid confrontation.
Type 3. A Full Heart Fills An Empty Belly.
If you crave food when you have tension in your close relationships, you suffer from Type 3 emotional hunger. You eat to avoid feeling the pain of rejection or anger.
Type 4. Hate Yourself, Love Your Munchies.
If you tend to become hypercritical of yourself, if you label yourself "stupid," "lazy," or "a loser," you have Type 4 emotional hunger. You eat to "stuff down" self-doubts.
Type 5. Secret Desires Have No Calories.
If your hunger gets activated because your intimate relationships don't satisfy some basic need like trust or security, you suffer from Type 5 emotional hunger and you use food to try to fill the gap, according to Dr. Gould and Mastering Food,
Type 6. Forty Gulps And The Well Is Still Empty.
If you eat to make up for the deprivation you experienced as a child, you have Type 6 emotional eating.
Type 7. It's My Pastry, and I'll Eat If I Want To.
If you eat to assert your independence because you don't want anyone telling you what to do, you have Type 7 emotional hunger.
Type 8. I Can't Come To Work Today--I'm Eating
According to Dr. Gould and Mastering Food, if your appetite kicks in when you're faced with new challenges--if you use food to avoid rising to the test, or to insulate yourself from the fear of failure--you have Type 8 emotional hunger.
Type 9. Aroused by Aromas, Not by the Chef.
If you stuff your face in order to avoid your sexuality-either to stay overweight so that nobody desires you or to hide from intimate encounters--you suffer from Type 9 emotional hunger.
Type 10. I'll Beat You With this Éclair.
Emotional eaters often eat to pay back those who have hurt them, often in the distant past. They use their bodies as battlegrounds for working out old resentments. If you do this, you're really battling type 10 emotional hunger
Type 11. Peter Pan and the Peanut Butter Cookie.
If you eat to make yourself feel carefree, like a child, you have Type 11 emotional hunger. You eat to keep yourself from facing the challenges of growing up.
Type 12. That Stranger In Shorts Wearing Your Face.
If you overeat because you fear getting thin, either consciously or unconsciously, you have Type 12 emotional hunger.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

This week at PPT and CFH

This was our first week of the fall, strength meso-cycle.  As most of you know, we're lifting heavier for the next 6-8 weeks in our preparation for the 2011 CrossFit games.  This is the first of two strength phases we will be in.  As we speak, one of our guest is designing a software program for us to try out which will create a periodized, strength & conditioning program based on individual goals.  There is so much that we want to do in the field of sports conditioning technology for the advancement of human health, longevity &  performance.   I firmly believe that our athletes are some of the best in Oregon, but I also believe that there is always room for improvement.  This is why periodization is so very important inside of a CrossFit affiliate.  There will be minimal or no progress with athletes without cycles of the overload principle.  Without the stimulus of overload, even an otherwise well-designed program greatly limits an athlete's ability to make improvements.

 Oh Duuude!  Ahhh Maaaan!  Guess who this is?

This week included two WODs that required our strength endurance, power out-put, cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility, & coordination.  Of course I am talking about "Angie" (cardiovascular endurance, flexibility) and "Seven" (strength endurance, power, balance, coordination).  The top Rx female finisher was Erin T. with a time of 39:39 and the top Rx male finisher was DFlood with a time of 52:37.  I don't think you would argue with me that this was just about the most difficult WOD we have ever done.    I'd post some pics, but I can not seem to upload them from my computer.  Sorry all, I'll try again soon.

Next week is the FGB5 event and our Tactical Strength & Conditioning Seminar with Hillsboro Fire and Rescue. Tell you friends and family to come in and either participate or just watch. It's 17 minutes of hell and we're all looking at posting new PR's. Come and see Hillsboro's Heros tough it out at our second annual event.  We will be starting at our regular time on Saturday at 6 AM and be running constant heats through 8:30 AM.  This is a fundraiser and a donation would be greatly appreciated. Please make you tax-deductible donation to The Wounded Warrior Fund, not PPT or CFH.

This is also the start of our "21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge".  This has been a huge historical success for us and we are welcoming quite a few new CrossFitters into the studio.  If you don't recognize someone, please extend warm welcome and let's try to make everyone feel at home.  Remember, they're not here because of us, they're here because of all of your awesome success, screaming testimonials & rockin bodies!

Pics coming soon, I hope!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heart Rate Training Zone & CrossFit

Text Box: Strengthening THE PULSE
of Hillsboro, 
one beat at a time!HEART RATE TRAINING ZONES

Estimated Maximum Heart Rate
True Maximum Heart Rate
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)
220 – age =
226 – age =

Zone 1:  A great deal of research indicates that being active at 50-60% percent of your MHR consistently and for a total of 30 minutes on most days, reduces the risk of developing many chronic diseases.

Lower Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 50%] + RHR =

Upper Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 60 %] + RHR =
Zone 2:  If your goal is to reduce body fat and you have been relatively inactive, you will need to train at a level of 60-70% of your MHR. 

Lower Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 60%] + RHR =

Upper Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 70 %] + RHR =

Zone 3: If your goal is to improve your cardio-vascular conditioning and metabolic conditioning, you should train within a zone of 70-80% of your MHR.  This is also a good zone for fat burning if you are already fairly fit. 

Lower Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 70%] + RHR =

Upper Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 80 %] + RHR =

Zone 4:  If you are in top shape and training for a sporting event, you might need to include some workouts that are 80-90%+ of your MHR.  This level of training is both physically and mentally demanding so it is not something you would do on a daily basis.  This zone is also a fat burning zone if you are extremely fit. 

Lower Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 80%] + RHR =

Upper Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 90 %] + RHR =

Zone 5:  This is the highest intensity training – 90-100% of your MHR.  You should only train at this level if you are extremely fit.  You can use this zone for high-intensity interval training & CrossFit.  Since fat loss is always dependant on total calories burned, a high volume of training (which can only be accomplished if you are very fit) in this zone can also be deemed a fat burning zone. 

Lower Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 90%] + RHR

Upper Target Heart Rate Zone = [HRR X 100 %] + RHR

Note:  Training in one or all of these zones can play a part
in your overall fitness program, depending on your individual goals.  

Text Box: Strengthening THE PULSE
of Hillsboro, 
one beat at a time!HEART RATE TRAINING ZONES

Does this diagram look familiar?  Ever seen it somewhere? 

Well, this chart, and others like it have been around for quite a long time in the fitness industry. Usually, they are found in Globe-O gyms across the country on treadmills and stair-steppers.  The message here is that if you keep your heart rate at a fairly low rate, e.g., 120-130 beats per minute if your in your 30’s, then you will be burning most of your calories from body fat.  However, if you elevate your heart rate any higher, then you’re working on “cardiovascular fitness,” or “peak athletic performance.”  How many people do you seen in Globe-O gyms working on peak athletic performance with their headsets on, watching ESPN or Days of Our Live? Not many.

     Although not perfect, this is a chart I believe to be much more efficient for our purposes.  This chart details a large target heart rate zone, above the fat burning zone. This is where the confusion lies and where people are misguided through no fault of their own.

We are in our fat burning state for 90% of the day.  This zone is called the “oxidative” or “aerobic” zone. When we are at a relatively low intensity in a workout, or are even sitting at Starbucks, walking in the mall, even pulling weeds in our back yard, we are in the fat burning “oxidative “ zone.  A few researchers (true story) were sitting next to each other on a plane and said “Hey, it looks like the lower the heart rate, the   
more body fat is used as an energy substrate (fuel).  Let’s recommend training at a low heart rate if a person’s goal is to lose body fat! “  This is exactly why so many people are on pieces of cardio equipment to lost body fat while closely monitoring their heart rate and maintaining it as a low rate.  Although it is certainly better than sitting on the couch while drinking a grande caramel machiado, it’s an inefficient usage of time, calories and money for most people. 

One of the reasons that our CrossFit classes are so popular is due to the outstanding results that our guests continue to have via high intensity training.   If most of you in our classes were to wear a heart rate monitor, you would see that your heart rate is WAY above the fat burning zone.  Fat simply cannot break down fast enough to supply your body with enough fuel in time when surviving through Chelsey or Barbara.  However it does supply a LAEGE PORTION of calories.  The remaining calories, which can break down very quickly, come from muscle glycogen and blood glucose (sugars).  AFTER the workout, 24-48 hours is the key difference with high intensity training.

Imagine surviving through some of our WODs like this week.  This last Tuesday was “Angie”.  Most of you probably burned upwards of 500-600 calories in 25-30 minutes.  Your body had to rebuild and recover after this WOD and required a load of fuel to do so.   For the next 24-48 hours, your body was constantly going through breakdown (catabolic) and building (anabolic) reactions.  Your metabolism was on FIYA!  A metabolism on FIYA! increases your OXIDATIVE or aerobic, FAT BURNING STATE.  You will burn more calories in a 24-48 hour period of time in a high intensity strength & conditioning program than you will on a cardiovascular program. You will also have much more lean muscle mass, a denser skeletal frame, a stronger core and superior neuromuscular reactive/propioceptive system.

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Now start training for the 2011 Warrior Dash!