Monday, January 3, 2011

Read THIS Before You Sign a Gym Membership

* What is the Pacific Personal Training/CrossFit Hillsboro difference? *
Not to be confused with a gym, our model is not and never will be an open gym concept. We are a personal training studio that emphasizes one-on-one sessions and small group personal training in the form of CrossFit classes.  We are the “anti-gym”. We do not compete against Bally’s, 24 Hour Fitness, or L.A. Fitness.  We have NO membership fees, initiation fees, or long term contracts.  Here, you will not find mirrors, juice bar, flat screens, or a sauna.
We only charge for training, because that’s all we do.  Whether you are in for a one-on-one session with your trainer or a CrossFit session, you are receiving world-class coaching, programming, motivation and accountability you would expect from a personal trainer.  We compete against personal trainers, not gyms. 
In speaking with one of our gals today about what it would take to get her into class more often, she revealed to me that she was holding onto her family membership at the gym, although her family rarely used it.  The monthly price was relatively inexpensive and it was convenient to take her son there for swimming lessons, but…(What she said next was the clincher)…She confessed that working out there was nothing like working out with us.  AND, that she is experiencing awesome results with us AND actually misses working out with us on the days she isn’t here!  Why is this a big deal, you may ask?  Well, let me ask you, why do you work out?  If you are like most people, you would say that it’s because you want to look great and feel great.  If you aren’t seeing results on your own, even if you are only paying $30-$50/month, is it worth it to you?  Everyone at the highest level of their game works with a trainer. That is where we come in. We provide elite level training and coaching for a very affordable price. The community support and camaraderie is just a very nice bonus.  In keeping our group classes small, we are better able to take care of each person’s individual needs, such as adjusting for modifications, pushing you a little bit harder, as well as ensuring your safety.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but your gym actually prefers that you don’t use your membership.  It costs them $ when you do!  They’ll still go on and debit your checking account each month regardless.  You won’t receive a phone call wondering where you’ve been and when you’re coming back.  They do not want to “awaken the sleeping giant” as they call it.  If you show up they actually have to work! 
WE don’t want your money unless you are reaping the benefits of your membership.  There’s no satisfaction in that for us.
Considering that the typical cost for a one hour personal training session can run anywhere between $50-$100, an unlimited monthly membership at CrossFit Hillsboro is an amazing bargain!  It breaks down to less than $10 per session, to be exact, if you are attending 4 classes per week. 
You get the best deal in town training at PPT/CH. We do not sell you any of these amenities and we never plan to. We only sell you the personal training. Come and get coached, break your previous records, have your friends push you beyond your limits. Everyone who trains at PPT/CH consistently surpasses all expectations they came in with. Everyone succeeds! There are no exceptions. If you do not want to make the commitment to training here every day, you can do both. Go to your regular gym and come to us 2x or 3x a week for your training. Come to PPT/CH for a monthly seminar, event, competition or Saturday workout. Come every day and be in the best possible shape of your life- GUARANTEED.  Contact us for your free 7-day pass and experience what you've been missing.