Saturday, December 20, 2008

CrossFit: Foundational Movements

Today we hosted CrossFit: Foundational Movements course at Pacific Personal Training. Chuck taught this course for some of our clients to prepare them for the transition into some CrossFit programming. It was a 4-hour course that covered the 10 components of fitness and the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. We had a lot of fun (and coffee) and learned so much from (and about) Chuck. You'd never guess he was a chubby kid with scoliosis by looking at him today! Great presentation, Chuck! The weather kept many people away, but if you missed it, don't worry- we'll be offering the course once a month for our new CrossFitters. Okay guys, ready for some deadlifts?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another great class

What a blast!  
In last night's Uninhibited class we focused on floor work- 
gracefully transitioning from standing to kneeling, laying, crawling, and standing back up.  
Is anyone else's tailbone bruised?  
That was quite a workout.  Much more intense than last week's standing routine.  
All in all it was a great Friday night to kick off our weekend.
These women have some great material to present to their lucky recipient.
Stay tuned for details to come next month on our very popular
Valentine's Day class.
Congratulations to Shawn Smith- "Stripper of the Night".  Shawn's very sultry dance skills earned her complimentary admission to our next dance series. 
Thank you to all the women in attendance for your abundance of positive energy and interaction.  You make teaching this class so much fun for me 
and I'll look forward to seeing you again soon!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Last night's Uninhibited dance class was a huge success.  We had over 20 women strut their stuff (some for the very first time!).  We all had a blast and are looking forward to next Friday's class (Dec. 12th).  We danced for over an hour and learned a routine to Etta James' "I Just Want to Make Love to You".   I have no doubt those women were served breakfast in bed this morning.  If you didn't make it last night, you can still register for Friday.  Stay tuned for info about our next class coming up. (hint: just in time for Valentine's Day)  Special shout-outs to Heather Bauer (3 mos. pregnant, I might add) and Alissa L. who won the "Stripper of the Night" award.  These girls earned a complimentary registration to our next dance series.  Thank you to all the girls who brought a friend (or two or six!).  I hope you will all spread the word about Uninhibited and plan on attending future classes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hillsboro CrossFit arrives in Washington County

Hillsboro CrossFit has arrived! Chuck received his Level 1 CrossFit coaching certification and we are now officially CrossFit affiliates. We are proud to be the first and only affiliate in Washington County. We are very excited to implement this new mode of training into our repertoire. Very soon we will begin offering an extensive schedule of classes to fit any schedule as well as very competitive training rates. With our online scheduling system you can view our available classes, reserve your spot and, and even pay online. Check back soon for up-to-the-minute CrossFit updates or visit our website at