Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too excited to sleep


It 2:30 AM and I'm way too excited to sleep.  We just got our first snow fall of the season last night and although it's about 1/2 and inch, that means I finally have an excuse to put my truck into 4 wheel drive.  ARRR ARRR UUUUU ARRRR!

I have to admit, I'm also pretty pumped about how all of you did today in that double WOD class.  What a showing of heart and perseverance! I love it!  Check out this video of one of tonight's evening class.

Honestly, why am I too excited to sleep?  First of all it's namely because I'm feeling so grateful this week about all of the blessing in our lives, especially over this past year.  Personally, professionally and spiritually, we've been blessed abundantly and for that, I am eternally grateful.
Last years Turkeu Bowl 

I don't have any new topic that I want to address with each of you.  I'm not going to turn this into a sappy introduction to get your attention to buy something nor am I going to tell you about "hydration hydration, yada, yada yada...."   I'm just going to tell you that I'm (we) are forever thankful for each of you whom are reading this and can only hope our efforts of everything we do have at least somewhat impacted your life a least a little bit.  Everyone from Shirley to Kara, Steve to Shack and Lauren to Melinda (yes, you too) - we wouldn't be here doing what we are today without you.

Look at this guy!   

I know it's hard to show up day after day to these workouts which can humble the strongest of women (Allison) and men (Melinda - just kidding, Bro!) and the fact that you still do it, for yourselves, for your families, for your future, speaks volumes about your 3D: Desire, Discipline & Dedication.  How much different are you this year as a result of your 3D in the studio?  What were you doing this time last year? Globe-O-Gym?  Bis & Back?  Calfs & Abs?  Could you even imagine doing that now?  Allison just told me she went to Globe-O-Gym the other day and pulled her quad! See, CrossFitters?  Stay away from Globe-O-Gym!  (Actually, it's better than doing nothing at all, and I'm always going to encourage physical activity.  I would just prefer that it's within the walls of PPT & CFH)

Okay, I hope you all know by now how much of an emotional sap I am (if you didn't already).  I'm going to now Hulu Oprah's very last favorite things episode.  Don't forget to buy a bottle of Udo's from us either.

Chuck G.

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