Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Am Not A Runner (or The Tiny Change That Changed Everything)

Sure, I know how to run.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, pick up the pace, and pretty soon, your body has no choice but to break into a faster clip so you don't fall over.  However, running efficiently, now that's an entirely different story.  Whether or not you like to run, chances are, at some point (and if you are a CrossFitter, many points) in your life you will have to run.  Maybe after your toddler who bolted out into the street, maybe to catch a bus, or to snag the killer deal on the 47"flat screen on Black Friday at 4am.  Hopefully, it's just not from somebody.

It's true how they say that running helps to clarify your thoughts.  Some people claim to get their best ideas during a run, or solve a problem they've had on their mind.  Well, I'm here to tell 'ya, that's exactly what happened to me today.

Chuck's truck kicked the bucket on his way home from the studio last night, so today we're operating on one car while his is in the shop.  I volunteer on Wed. mornings in Gabe's class (about 2 miles away).  I really enjoy it and didn't want to miss it, so I layered up, charged the iPod and hit the road...the wet, slushy, leaf covered road.

It was on my way home that I had an epiphany.  It was raining.  My iPod was going to die any minute.  I  had to pick up the pace.  Know what I did?  Groundbreaking here, people, so listen closely...
I pushed forward.  That's right, pushed.  Forward.  With each step.  Rather than moving just up/down, I pushed forward.  Literally.  I wasn't necessarily expending much more energy, but realized I was, in fact, moving faster!

And here's the best part.  I got to thinking about how this was a metaphor for life:
Sometimes we feel like we're working very hard and doing a lot of 'work' to reach our goals, but take a step back and think about whether you are doing the correct type of work to get there.  Sometimes, it takes just a tiny shift or change to make significant progress.  I felt like I was working hard at my run this morning; I was (eventually) going to get home.  I was sweating and breathing heavily.  BUT, I made one very tiny change and it made a huge difference!  I was working smarter, not harder.  I reached my goal (making it home before I was drenched and iPod gave out) faster and more efficiently.

We see a lot of this type of 'spinning of the wheels' or the 'gerbil in the cage' scenarios in our line of business.  You probably know people yourself who have been busting their butts for weeks, months, even YEARS and have seen no significant progress in their health/physique.
I can't help but feel frustrated when I see this.  Because I (along with our entire world-class team) am in the business of changing lives.  I want to help those people, but can't do it until they realize they aren't going to get their on their own, and reach out for help.
When you learn to work smarter, not harder, you can ditch the 60 minute 'cardio' routines, and the 45 minute strength training sessions focusing on 1-2 muscle groups/day.  No longer will you need to count calories or points or blocks.
What we provide at Pacific Personal Training/CrossFit Hillsboro is hands down, the most efficient way to achieve optimal health and your very BEST body, in the shortest amount of time by working under the care of professionals who make it safe, fun, encouraging, supportive and RESULTS-DRIVEN.

2010 is quickly coming to an end.  Many people will begin refocusing on their workout/diet regimen come January.  If that's you, or you know someone who has been talking about getting healthy, let us help you!
Why wait until January 1st?  Get a head start.  It's very important to stay focused through the holidays, so as not to become a statistic (you know, how the average American gains up to 10 lbs. during the holidays, yadda yadda yadda).

Beginning Monday, November 29th, we kick off our '21-Day Rapid Fat Loss' contest.  The program runs through Dec. 20th with the grand prize winner being awarded $250 cash or a $300 personal training package! 

Now go out there and  'Push Forward'!

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